Overclocking V5 Motors

So recently, I’ve been experimenting with the vex v5 motors (due to boredom), and I want to know if its possible to overclock v5 motors without modifying them physically. I attempted to overclock the motors via the programming but it doesn’t let me do that. Any suggestions?

No. The firmware takes good care of the motors. You can use a 600 rpm gear cartridge instead of the stock 200 rpm cartridge to get a higher rotation speed at the axle socket. But you won’t get higher power output by talking to the motor nicely. Higher speed is traded against lower torque to fit the power ceiling.


You cold try supercooling your motors. Then they couldn’t overheat. If you get it cold enough the copper windings in the motors could be a superconductor.

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You cannot overclock your motors. There are several physical and software based limitations that keep you from doing this.