OYES Post-Worlds Reveal

OYES Robotics competed as an independent team in the VexU World Championship last week. We were able to take home the VexU Robot Skills World Championship with a score of 121 points, the VexU Programming Skills World Championship with 47 points, and the VexU Excellence Award.

We were knocked out in the semifinals in part due to a series of unfortunate events, so our robots never made it into the dome. I thought I would make a reveal thread since I think we took some pretty cool stuff to worlds which a lot of people didn’t get to see.

15” Robot – Whiplash
8 motor 1:3 drive (Yes, you read that correctly, there is a reason this robot was named Whiplash).
2 motor 4.375:1 6-bar lift
2 motor 1:1.6 side roller intakes
Pneumatic low hang
Pneumatic tosser


15” or 24” Robot – Orion
6 motor 1:1.6 drive (switched to 1:2.4 for skills challenges)
5 motor 5:1 lift
1 motor 1:1.6 top roller intake (holds large balls and picks up off bump)
Passive high hanging latches

24” Robot – Master and Puppet
4 motor 1:1.6 drive (Two of them…)
1 motor 4.375:1 lift (Two of them…)
1 motor 5:1 claw (Two of them…)
Flat polycarbonate tether (almost impossible to entangle with)
Pneumatic wings
Able to block both goals at once
Able to manipulate large balls and buckyballs
Almost impossible to beat (unless our other robot disconnects for the last 15 seconds stopping us from hanging… :frowning: )

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qn7rTRLgxpM – 122 Robot Skills
http://new.livestream.com/vrctv8/2014-vrwc-vexu/videos/49141530 - Master and Puppet in a match (6:54:41 closest timestamp, you’ll have to wait about a minute but trust me, it’s worth it)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83nXuOVktBM&feature=youtu.be – Master and Puppet in a qualifying match (awkward SP farming!)

Engineering Notebooks
Engineering notebooks were written as a tool to aid judges, giving an overview of the robots and our design processes. I’m uploading these so people can get a closer and more in depth look at our robots, as opposed to them being available as an exemplar (because frankly they aren’t very good :P)
Whiplash/Orion Notebook: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9greh9m0s9nuo2s/Whiplash%20Orion%20notebook.docx
Master and Puppet Notebook:

Shout out to the Tabors for hosting us for lunch and just generally being amazing.
Shout out to the teams we mentor, Lynfield and Oats, on their brilliant performances at worlds.
Shout out to NAR for awesome banter and good fun.
Shout out to SCCR for a stunning performance with only 8 motors between their two robots!
Shout out to Karthik and Rick Tyler, it was a pleasure to meet you both.
Shout out to AURA for their support from back home!
Shout out to Kiwibots for running Vex in NZ!
Shout out to our parents/families for their support that made OYES Robotics possible.Thanks/Shoutouts

Which pairing do you find most successful against top competition?

Orion was designed mainly for skills. Master and Puppet with Whiplash was supposed to be the combination we used for elimination matches, but Whiplash’s drive train was notorious for shearing motor gears and 36T high strength gears, so Orion could be converted to 15 inch size limit to take its place.

Damnnnn. I was impressed by your two small bots. However, I never got to see the wall bot. It looks really nice and the polycarbonate umbilical cord looks really clean.

I’m excited for what you guys come up with this year. Keep it up!!

the side panels that cover the rims of the wheels on whiplash look so cool.

dat tether cord is genius too omg

I love the Side Panels on Whiplash! And I also like Master and Puppet!

Dat driving! I really aspire to your driving Jack :slight_smile: great job at Worlds!

YA know back in nam. we used to drive robots… to lunch! And thats a fact JACK!!:wink:

Great robots guys! Impressive as always

A few trivial points which may (or may not) be of interest:

  • Best robot skills score in practice (2 robots, 30 seconds) = 129 points.

  • Best robot skills score in practice (1 robot, Whiplash, 30 seconds) = 78 points.

  • How to complete the final (and winning :)) programming skills routine at Worlds which previously was not hanging within time = increase drive motor power values, accept that accuracy will be somewhat hairy and cross fingers tightly. :smiley:

  • All robot names inspired by Metallica.

  • The boys were still still doing skills runs at 10:00 pm prior to packing the robots and a 4:45 am wake up to catch the flight to LA!

A few more thank you’s:

  • To Steve and Connor 2915A and Nick 2915C for providing tough match practice in the lead up Worlds. Congratulations to you both on the great results.

  • To Jack and Steve’s Mum and Dad for all manner of awesome things, including creating the shroud for Master & Puppet and for putting up with our boys for a week!

  • To Kevin Li (formerly WASABI) for helping out at Worlds. You are a true professional. (Loved your reaction on the M&P game video :D)

  • To Jack, who is one of the most positive people I have ever met.

  • To everyone who volunteered at Worlds, especially for the VEXU comp. It was a magnificent event.

Wow, impressive! :cool:

Btw did you manage to get to the stash and out score the other teams stash first?

Seeing what OYES brought to worlds is the main reason I’m hoping to compete in VEXU next year.

The links to the Engineering Notebooks don’t work, is there another link?



I believe these links should work, sorry about the previous ones, my dropbox killed itself.](https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/39516124/OYES%20Reveal/Whiplash%20Orion%20notebook.docx)

Every time is see this thread I go, cool I haven’t seen OYES’s reveal yet, then I open it and read it all again. Excellent note book. I love your robots, exspecially whiplash

Sorry to be Annoying but your robots are excellent, do u have any other photos or videos you could share?

Hi Carl, no need to apologise!

I only have a couple of others (I’m sure Lucas probably has some on his account too though).

Occasionally we would try a 1 minute robot skills run with 1 robot just to see where we stacked up against high school teams - here is one by orion (approx 112 points) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9LBFhovrc64. And another early season run by Whiplash in november (99 points) - but with a “fake hang” - this was back when it had a 6 motor drive and 4 motor high hang instead of a low hang however it wasn’t attached when this was filmed - [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_Fnhggr99I

Sorry I only had a couple of others.

Jack](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_Fnhggr99I )

. And another early season run by Whiplash in november (99 points) - but with a “fake hang” - this was back when it had a 6 motor drive and 4 motor high hang instead of a low hang however it wasn’t attached when this was filmed - [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_Fnhggr99I

Sorry I only had a couple of others.

Jack](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_Fnhggr99I )


Best drivers I think :smiley: to have Jack driving one, and Lucas driving the other :eek: AURA got much stronger IMHO

Thanks for the kind comments everyone!

I’m afraid I dont have any really exciting videos to release (I mainly just have older lower scoring skills runs) but this one might be a laugh:

This robot was so frustrating to program autonomous for… Not only are you writing two autonomous routines at once, but the tether is dragging both sub-robots off course constantly AND it takes a full 2 minutes to actually set the robot up at the start.