PA State Championship

Team 889A is attending, who else is going? We are looking forward to meeting up with the teams that helped us there and everyone we had competed with. Good luck to all the teams, see you soon!

The vexmen are sending quite a few teams to PA States! Was hoping more teams from the western part of the state would be coming too.

We have our typical variety of designs with teams ranging in experience from first year through four years of experience now. You will see single bar, 4-bar, 6-bars, and scissor lifts from our crew. We have four and six wheel drives abounding. The one team dropped their awesome tank drive for speed and another dropped the holonomic for more power over the hump and keeping their speed.

It’s been a pretty good year for us. Lots of different teams doing well which is nice. We’ve had 4 different teams win an Excellence Award at a tournament, and 5 different teams with tournament champions (in ms/hs divisions). Unfortunately for my middle schoolers we do not have any guaranteed MS spots in PA so I am not hopeful. Middle School is one of our big focus areas and I really want to send some teams but I fear the bloodbath on Saturday for some of them. We have some extremely good teams in PA.

80X, 90C, and 81W came to Pittsburgh in the fall and you saw 81M previously at West Shore.

Middle School Vexmen teams attending:
80C - Colossus
80H - Havok
80N - Nightcrawler
80P - Pyro
80R - Rogue
80W - Warpath
80X - X-23
80Y - Cypher
90C - Cyclops

High School Vexmen teams attending:
81B - Banshee
81D - Darwin
81G - Gambit
81J - Juggernaut
81M - Mystique
81W - Wolverine
91S - Stuff

See how we’ve done over this year:

Will this be livestreamed ?

Yup it will be livestreamed. Would you like for me to post the link?

Yes, That Would Be Great
Thanks In Advance

here you go! and No problem! Oh and the live stream will only show fields 1 and 2 at this link. I hope that’s good enough! Enjoy watching the competition!

is it just me or can no one see anything even though it says event has started

I am having no problems. The stream is high quality.