Pacific Northwest Championship Live Stream

The VRC Pacific Northwest Championships will be doing a live video feed from the “A” division fields on Friday, April 1. “A” division consists of just 27 of the top teams from Alberta, British Columbia and Washington State. It’s a pretty elite field, with a very high fraction of teams using it as a warm-up for Worlds. (Fee should start around 9:00am, Pacific)

See you there!


Will it be archived somewhere to watch later?

Right here
@dtengineering It’s broken. Worked for a while but dead in the water now.

We’ve nice the web cast to Facebook live…

Could we get a link to the desktop version? Maybe I’m just being incompetent, but facebook won’t play it on the mobile site and isn’t redirecting to the desktop one then click on " live stream" tab and it should auto forward to the Facebook page.

It’s not there

it’s working for me. Thanks!
audio’s having a hard time tho