Pacific Northwest VRC Championship Live Stream: April 2

The PNW VRC Championship “A” Division, hosted by the British Columbia Institute of Technology and featuring teams from BC, Washington State and Alberta, will be live streamed from 9:15 am - 3:45 pm Pacific Time on Saturday, April 2nd.

Thank you to the BCIT Broadcast Communications program for providing another year of awesome live coverage!


Elimination rounds in progress… 3:00 Pacific time.

Finals coming up… 4:00 Pacific time. Several 500+ combined point matches so far.

A division finals after B division awards.

My team watched the whole thing from start to finish. Definitely The best vex livestream I’ve ever watched. Great job guys!!

How hard do you guys predict Worlds will be compared to BCIT? We thought that we would get utterly annihilated since we’re a rookie team, but we actually did kinda decently. Obviously we plan on making some major improvements to our current design, but I just wanna know whether or not we actually have a chance at anything lol :smiley:

Thanks for the kind comments… I’ll pass them along to the Broadcast Communications students, one of whom is a former VEX competitor!

As for performance predictions for Worlds, let me preface my comments by saying that past performance does not guarantee future results. That said, I did keep stats for a few years and teams that competed in A division and at Worlds had a higher win percentage at Worlds than in A div. So statistically, for qualifying rounds, A division has at times been more difficult than worlds. I hope that continues… good luck at Worlds.

I’ll also point out the SP data… In 8 qualifying rounds, the #1 seed accumulated over 1200 SP, meaning that the average score of the losing alliances in their matches was over 150. That’s not astounding for elimination rounds, but that is a pretty high average losing score!

So you’ve definitely got a chance to do well at Worlds, if you did well today. In qualifying, at least. Worlds gets more interesting and less predictable in the elimination rounds.


Last I checked the livestream was archived at the link in my original post. Nine hours of VEX video to mull over as you prepare for Worlds. We also got some great coverage in local news media.

Interestingly the newspapers now provide the most through video coverage as their online format is not constrained by the short time frame of a TV news show.

But what is cool is that the TV channels also have to do a bit of a write-up:

And Global News does a pretty good job for traditional video only.

I really liked this livestream; the quality of it was amazing.