Pacific Nortwest Championship Media Coverage

The PNW Championship was held at the British Columbia Institute of Technology last weekend. Thanks to the hard work of BCIT’s media relations guru, Jocelyne, we had some outstanding media coverage.

The Burnaby NOW Newspaper ranked the tournament as the #1 thing to do in town for the weekend.

The Vancouver Sun produced a great video report.

There was a good clip on Global TV News (I’ll add a link to that when I find it.)

There was a follow up presentation on Monday morning’s CTV Morning Live show.

And there was a great clip today on this morning’s Global Breakfast TV Show

The fact that BCIT sponsors the PNW Championship is great, but the support of Jocelyne and so many others on campus shows that the sponsorship goes well beyond just a financial one.


P.S. Sorry Washington and Oregon folks… we didn’t know you were going to schedule state championships this weekend. Lets try and make sure that doesn’t happen next year… we missed you!

I was wondering why this year felt so empty haha. BCIT was a blast none the less, and can’t wait to actually go to BCIT in September for school!:cool: