Packing list for worlds

Its our first time going to worlds and we don’t know exactly what we will need. I was wondering if someone could tell us what we should take.

  1. Robot­­­­­­­­­­­­

For the essentials, consider it like it is a normal tournament. If you’ve qualified to worlds, then I would assume that you are smart enough to bring most of the essentials.

Of course, this can change depending on where you are compared to Dallas. It’s not unreasonable to bring a large box of c-channels to a close by tournament. Flying with a lot of extra parts is probably not reasonable (but you definitely still need some).

It’s probably a good idea to take along some extra electronics if you can manage it, since Murphy’s Law. I’d definitely try to bring a motor or two, if nothing else. Probably some smart cables.

Optionally, bring something fun to pass out to other teams! (Our team has a massive stash of stuff we are accumulating to pass out). Stickers, bracelets, buttons, 3D prints, are all fair game!

Bring a positive attitude! You will get to meet some amazing teams from all over the world! Enjoy it! Have fun! I’m not trying to be mean, but you will likely lose. Perhaps badly. You may make it to the elimination rounds of your division (last year for us) or you may not (three years ago for us). If you hyper-focus on winning, it will detract from the experience. So enjoy every moment!

If you have any more specific questions, let us know!


as far as equipment goes, it’d likely be advisable to bring a cutter such as a dremel in case you need to refab parts, deburr sharp parts, etc. It’s been helpful for me in the past, and so far away from home you might have trouble finding a team with a dremel who’d be willing to let you borrow it.


Bring everything that you can! (Within reason, obviously) Worlds is a competition like no other, and you don’t want to be dragged down by your robot which broke on the flight over, and you don’t have the parts to fix it.

Make sure your bot is securely packed, and won’t shift during flight. Bring everything you would to a normal competition, including but not limited to: plastic, extra brains, controllers, wires, parts, wheels, metal, pit decorations, etc. Bring plenty of tools!

We are bringing two laptops (one will be on my carry on, so that I can program on the plane, and one will be in checked luggage, just in case.) ← this probably isn’t necessary, though.

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This is also my first time going to worlds and one thing that I hope that I see at our local tournaments that will also be at worlds is the community helping out others. If you need something and your missing it I bet a team could lend a hand.

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Strange comment for a 2-time Worlds qualifier…

during pandemic it is possible to have qualified for Worlds twice and not yet attended in-person.

  1. Personal Hygiene Items
  2. Robot
  3. Spare parts and tools
  4. Good walking shoes
  5. Water Bottle
  6. Extension Cords and power strips
  7. Decorations for your Pits
  8. Common phrases in other languages
  9. Pins or something to promote your team
  10. Watch or something to keep track of time
    These are what I could think of. Some of these aren’t important for VEXU because we don’t have alliances but that was some of the useful for prior worlds.
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Exactly, we qualled twice and this is the first year we are going

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I have qualified 3 times. This will be my first in person worlds.


Change up and this year

And I haven’t gone yet


Same this is my second time qualifying but first time going

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