Packing robot for Worlds -- easy box option

Hi all you great teams going to Kentucky. Have fun and enjoy the wild ride!

Here is a quick option if you need boxes for shipping your bots; if you don’t get around to building heavy plywood boxes for shipping, or want to avoid the oversize/overweight fee, there is a rubbermaid product called a ‘24 gallon action packer’ that is sturdy and light weight, with adequate dimensions for the IQ bots and a bit of padding AND they are accepted by the airlines as fitting in standard sized luggage requirements without an oversize fee. Ace, Walmart, Home Depot, etc., each carry these for under $50.
24 gallon action packer inside dimensions: 20.5’ long
15.5’ wide
15.5’ high in center, 14.75 at edges where the lip of the lid tucks into the box

For padding we use beach towels, cardboard and a bit of bubble wrap in the corners. This has served us pretty well for flying interisland with IQ’s, with a bit of extra padding the boxes may also work for some of you flying to Kentucky. Instead of zip ties or a lock, we use a bit of solid copper wire to tie off the handles so that if TSA needs to, they can untwist it and then put it back on.



Lol but if they untwist it I think they’re gonna have some questions about what’s inside before they twist it back on.