Page with consolidate links to documentation

Is there a page somewhere that has a list of links to all the information from the Inventor’s Guide, as well as documentation for each of the new parts and kits? I sometimes randomly stumble across links to documents; for example I know that links to the programming guide.

I’ve tried to use a shortened version of the above address, hoping that I can find, not just the programming guide, but a list of documents for all the other Vex products. However, when I type something like [, I get the message, “Access to this site is forbidden.”

Sometimes I want to find documents to other things like the gyro sensor or the tank tread kit, but I don’t have the exact address. If there was a page with links to every document, that would be helpful.](, I get the message, “Access to this site is forbidden.”)

Well for the specific products Inventor’s Guide page it is usually placed under the description at the top of that products page. For example for the Tank Tread Inventor’s Guide page it is at this link. However you find that link on this page. Does that help?

Yes, it does help – at least now I know where to look for the documents one by one. However, it would even be nicer to have links for all the documents consolidated onto one page, along with a link/tab sensibly placed/labeled.

This is a somewhat crude method of solving the problem, but try typing this into a google search box:
[HTML] filetype:pdf[/HTML]
It returns all pdf files in the /inventors-guide folder - you might want to tweak the search to get better results.

Hope this helps,

Very clever! Thanks!