is it legal to get touch up paint for our LCD and microcontroller because the chipping paint bothers me.:eek:

this is not an official ruling
is should be fine as long as its a “non-functional” and “decorational” only

Getting touchup paint is fine, using it’s where the rules have a rub… :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, though - if it’s a “nonfunctional decoration,” it should be fine.


As long as you’re not using the microcontroller/lcd screen to physically manipulate the game objects, and even if they do, the paint doesn’t give you an advantage (like reducing friction with the plastic I suppose) more than the original paint job does, you’re fine.

If the inspectors don’t see it, then you don’t get in trouble.

Once our ID plates came in as the wrong number (1581H, instead of 7581H). We scribbled over the 1 in black sharpie and put a 7 over it in whiteout… the inspectors never even noticed.