paintball warrior

so i’m in the process of building a tank bot with a mounted paintball gun on top,well i haven’t started yet,but i have most of the parts and what i don’t have i’m gonig to be buying on the website probably within the next month,except the extremly small computer cam which will be mounted right under the barrel for my laptop,(so i can see what my bot’s doing in autonomous function)i’ll get that from radio shack. Well anyways i’m posting this to ask if anyone has any suggestions on how i should rotate the mounted paintball gun up and down,side to side. I’m hoping to c if i could get this project done a little after christmas,u know with all the building,fixing,and programming,it goen ta rock!

P.S.feel free to give me any other suggestions too plez(regarding this subject or another)

I don’t haave any reccomendations, but when you finish it, please post a video. That would be sweet!:smiley: :smiley:

Paintball guns are mostly pretty heavy for a VEX bot. I would suggest using a remote line on the paintball gun, and mount the tank on the rear of the bot. IT will have to be pretty huge to be able to deal with the size/weight of the paintball gun.

My paintball bot used a lazy susan bearing to support the weight of the gun mount. I bought mine on ebay, but you can get them from for under 7 bucks. Pictures and video at
The gearing that is shown on the pics was not really good enough for fine aiming control. After these pictures were take, I added a second stage of gearing so the gun would move slower, allowing a more precise aim. You also need to build in a lot of rigidity to the frame holding the gun, to minimize slop in the aiming.

Be careful with this kind of thing. It can be dangerous. The video shows the gun taking some unexpected shots. I later found out it was due to a loose servo connection.

hey i think ive seen that before i think it wuz on vexfan

you need like one person working on movement, and one on aim/gun. Like two transmitters and receivers. like almost two bots in one. It would be too hard on guns and movment.

if you look to see what ltk posted earlier about the little video, you can obviously see that there were no problems,pe sa cak!

speaking of warrior robots check out thes war bots

wow they have some pretty kool bots on there

that paintball robot is very cool :), the only thing i can think of to make it better would be to add a wireless camera to send live video feed to a moniter, while you drive it around and shoot people. and maybe some shielding.

and maybe even a laser pointer:D

i don’t want to blind anyone!

good idea. and maybe a scope in front of the camera lens with a laser sight already attached?

I am trying to build a airsoft bot with two 310 fps automatic airsoft rifles so i can use it airsofting. I want it to have tracks and cabable to traverse almost all terrains. i am working on triggering the guns right now.

look at this look at vidios lol SMASH CRASH AND BASH:D :smiley: and look at markit a lot of robot parts motors wepons you name it thay got it thay evin have a VEX STARTER KIT

2 cams! one with scope, one without!

cool good luck

you are what do you mean by that do you mean loading ti or shooting it? i havent figured out how to load one but shooting it is easy all you have to do is put a motor under the trigger then put a a gear obviously then conect a bar to the gear so then the gear goes around and should fire the gun:D

The smart question is:

Do they even allow paintball guns in the arena? I think there’ something in the rules prohibiting stuff that damages VEX equpiment.

i dont think they allow paintball botin the fvc because if your bot started acting wierd it might shoot the fan :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: lol