Does anybody here play paintball?
My friend does and he convinced me to play so I’m about to get a marker.

you should modify a vex robot to shoot a paintball gun, but not too powerful. i would mount the gun low to the ground as possible, and-or make the frame and wheels wide and long, to prevent from flipping

Or a ballast on the front of the robot to counter the kick back.

although i have never played, paintball seems pretty cool :slight_smile:

yes paintball is sweet but please post threads with some relevance to vex. if you want to talk about paintball, do it on a paintball forum, not a robotics one.


I have played, not with my equiptment, but I was actually pretty good. I have only played twice.

It says chit chat is for anything un-related to vex robotics.

A vex robot that could shoot a paintball marker would be awsome!:eek:

If You mounted the paintball gun sideways you could keep the center of gravity low.

aren’t paintball hoppers gravity fed though?

they mostly are.

Paintball rules.
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Most paintball hoppers are eletricly fed. They can feed up to 20-30 bps (balls per a secound) The fastest gun out is an angle which shoots up to 35 bps. I know dosnt seem really but it works when it shoots ropes (balls are so coulse togther it looks like ropes).
But 15bps is the only legal bps in offical Comps.
You can adjust the ramp on electrice guns.
They run from 300 to 2000 not including hopper and other stuff needed.


Do these electrially fed hoppers hold every ball in a belt or something from the start of the match until the ball is shot; or do does gravity feed the balls into an electrically operated mechanism that organizes&feeds and/or agitates the handful of them that are about to be shot?


My cousin has an angle, nexus, and something else but im not sure. My best is 11 Bps on a gun that isnt full auto.

You could rig something up to where some 25X5 plates are the hopper, feed them to a tube to the horizontal gun. leave the hopper open for easy access and quick reload.

It is kinda like a belt but only it is a spinning top with slots the feed a ball into the tube. It spins at different speeda and only spins when the gun is fired.

i haven’t played paintball but i have played airsoft

OK - Thanks for confirming that the hopper uses gravity to feed the balls (into the spinning thing)…

I was pretty sure that is the case.