Painted Parts

I see a few teams that paint their robot. I want to do this, but I want to be able to take the paint off without damaging the parts because when you use the parts again the colors just get all jumbled up. What paint should I use? How do I remove it?

Is the paint going to be for cosmetic use or informational use? I have seen teams paint on parts in an area different colors than another area so if a part falls off, they can tell the general area of it falling from. If you are doing that, don’t paint the whole part, just dab it. If you are doing cosmetic, you can use Hammerite but I am unsure if that comes off.

Painted parts look nice if done correctly. Do not just paint over your entire robot or it will end up looking terrible. Strip the entire thing down to practically nothing but a bare frame. The paint will come off if you use brake fluid. It will be a mess and involve alot of scrubbing but thats the easiest way to take it all off.