Painted Wires?

So, in order to make our robot look pretty, and make it easier to identify which wires are which we were thinking about spray painting the wires. Do you think this would be legal? as it is an nonfunctional decoration, however i’m not sure if it allowed, due to it being an electronic part. Does anyone have any input on this to confirm what we want to do is okay before we do it?

I would rather recommend utilizing some wire loom if you want to be able to differentiate wires from each other while still looking fairly neat. I would not trust spray paint on wires as it may damage them in the process.

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I’ve seen painted motors before which is fine, so I’d imagine painted wires would also be fine as long as you don’t over do it and paint doesn’t flake off onto the field. Make sure you leave a few spots where the vex logo is visible though so that they can be verified as official cables in inspection.


check in the q and a. im sure that if you ask them there, they could give you an answer. you could also use a tube or something and paint that, then put that over the wire.

The only thing I would caution is not to cover up the VEX Smart Cable labeling - inspectors look for that.