Painting the cortex

So I have hydro dipped my cortex and controller. What I failed to realize before doing it is that I covered up the vex logo. I looked through the manual and the only rule I found against it was in the non functional decorations section. In the past teams in my club have got in trouble for covering up the logo with tape. Can anyone help me out with the exact ruling. I must be missing it. I will post picture later for those who need it.

What you’ve done should be legal. If you are that worried about it, you might poke around to get a vinyl sticker to replace it.

Ok thanks, I wanted to cover my bases

So I relooked at the rules and I found this

How I read this is to the internals, but I want to double check. If need be I can ask this in an official QA

I have seen plenty of painted controllers and we’ve had to “modify” the controllers because they break if you look at them wrong…

But yes, I would ask the official Q&A and include pictures.

This has already been ruled as legal in the Q & A in the past link

So a long as it can be proved it’s a vex part it’s legal.

Edit: this thread might help as well link