Painting the Robot Purple

Since there is a rule against painting the robot a color that would also affect the vision sensor, would it be against the rules to paint parts of our robot purple? Our school colors are black and purple and that’s why we want to paint parts of it purple in case y’all were wondering.
By that same rule, would it be bad if one of our sponsors that we put on the robot has a green logo? It’s a different shade of green but just wondering.

I think they’re lenient with this rule especially since the vision sensor is rarely used. The only place I could see this being an issue is at worlds where inspection is very strict or if a team specifically points you out for interfering with a vision sensor. Either way, they can’t legally call you out unless your robot is the exact shade of purple a the cubes. To be on the safe side, I’d do more black than purple.

Yeah the problem is our shade of purple is almost exactly the same as the cubes. We were thinking like 30% purple so I hope that’s little enough.

If possible, get another shade. Otherwise, don’t use purple paint. Maybe get purple mesh so you could easily cut it off if necessary. Personally, I’d do all the metal black and then purple mesh accents on supporting structure pieces and things of that nature.


Please nooo! For the vision sensors users as a whole I beg u not too, es no bueno

< R12> :

e. Decorations that visually mimic field elements or could otherwise interfere with an opponent’s Vision Sensor are considered functional and are not permitted. This includes lights, such as the VEX Flashlight. The Head Inspector and Head Referee will make the final decision on whether a given decoration or mechanism violates this rule.

In all honesty, if I went up against you, and I knew you would interfere with my Vision Sensor, I would tell inspection as I was checking in, and also tell the Head Referee. For the logo, as long as you could take it off, I feel that is fine, but if you are going to risk purple paint, I would make sure it was hard for a robot on the field to “see” it.


Hm okay will do. Already have a piece that’s purple though rip.

Would having an all black robot with purple LEDs work or should we also change the purple during actual matches?

I use lights on my robot and have never had a problem, just make sure that you get some lights that can display purple tho because it is close the uv spectrum you might not get a desired result with super cheap leds

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