Painting wheels

What’s the best way to paint onmiwheels so that the frame is one colour and the rollers are an other?
What would be a good paint to use?

I’ve been thinking about that since I saw the discobots’ wheels.

I think the best way to to individually take out each wheel, and then painting them. I don’t know what paint to use, but I would consider a paint that’s thin and wouldn’t lack friction to make sure the minature wheels don’t have friction.

How do you remove them and then put the back in without damaging them?

Can’t remember the thread, but discobots used a lot of tape.

@2587/5678-Gilbert @Discobots_2587z
Maybe they help with this.

@SamuelC (7842D) You can use a screwdriver to take the rollers out and then paint them. (Take the omni wheels’ rollers by entering the screwdriver in the corner and then making a lever)

I do not recommend removing the rollers. We wrapped each roller in electrical tape before painting. Painted the entire wheel then removed the tape.

What paint / colouring thing did you use?

Spray paint from Home Depot. Two coats no primer.


Would you ever use plastidip or no

All that I would do (I’ve never done this), is put tape on each roller, and just use any good looking spray paint (don’t just use any crappy paint), with two or three coats of primer.