Pairing for wireless doesn't work

I have tried to hook it up using the book’s way several times and I have searched the forums but none of the wireless connections work.
I just received this Super Kit. I found the firmware to be at rev 1.03 so I updated it to rev 1.10 and I still cannot pair the controller and the brain.
I know that it says to try it again, which I have, but how many times should I have to try it?
Please help?

Hi DEH00,

We are sorry that you are having this problem. To help resolve this issue we have a few questions. When you updated the firmware on the Robot Brain, was the Controller connected to the Robot Brain using the Tether Cable? The Robot Brain and the Controller both need to be running the latest firmware the ensure they can communicate with each other. The Controller is only updated when it is connected to the Robot Brain via Tether Cable and the Robot Brain is connected to your computer with the USB Cable.

When you connect the Robot Brain and Controller via the Tether Cable, do you see the Tether Icon (it looks like the end of a cable) next to the battery icon on the Robot Brain LCD Screen? Are the Radio modules (either both 900 MHz or both 2.4 GHz) fully inserted into both the Robot Brain and the Controller? When these are fully inserted, there should only be about a 1/4in / 6-7mm of the radio exposed (enough to read the 900 MHz Radio or 2.4 GHz Radio text that is printed on them).

Please note that after the pairing process (which is complete as soon as you can see the Tether icon on the Robot Brain LCD screen), you may need to turn off and turn on again both the Controller and Robot Brain for the changes to take effect. After these are rebooted once, wireless operation will be enabled.


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