Palm controll!

Has anyone else seen this? I don’t have a palm pilot or programming kit but i would be interested to see this in action! Also you think this would work with something like a pocket PC? with this kind of interactioon would it also allow for monitoring of the on-board battery and other such components?

I don’t have a pocket PC version of this, but it should not be difficult. All I need is someone to volunteer to port the code :wink: If your PDA uses USB, you’ll have even more wire on your robot than I indicated on the HobbyVex page…

If there is an API to get the battery information, then it can be added to the interface. I don’t remember seeing that so far but if someone can point me at the details I can look into implementing it.

Anything you can do from a terminal program on your PC is possible from the PDA as well.

If you are interested in this (or anything on HobbyVex) please email webmaster A T hobbyvex D O T org and we’ll see what we can do together.

Just a question…but would it be possible to program something like an iPod aswell? I meen i’m sure you could hack at it enough to be able to download code to it, and with a 40GB iPod thier is PLEANTY space…also with the click wheel you can make selectins and such…just an idea for those of you who know how things work…lol

There are now building instructions for a robot that holds your Palm on

that would be amazing. i have the same exact palm pilot so i could try. i just dont have the cables, :stuck_out_tongue:

If a pocketpc was used, you could interface it to the serial port via a bluetooth module. No need to have the unit onboard the robot. This bluetooth module could be interfaced to the robot controller and no level shifting is required. You will need 3 - 6 volts to power the module.

The only way I know to cable this is to buy the programming kit for your VEX robot and the travel kit for your Palm handheld.

i think it wud be cool to have a palm controll:cool:

It would be quite possible to interface a VEXtroller with an iPod, presuming you had some patience and soldering skills.

iPods include something called the “Apple Accessory Protocol,” which is the way that all of those nifty little add ons communicate with the iPod, best of all, it is already available as TTL levels on the newer pods.

Apple Accessory Protocol:

iPod Serial Port:
[Serial Port - wikiPodLinux

There is actually a lot of possibility here, plus, with the different levels of commands, it should be fairly easy to find just the right level of control.

Furthermore, RKW’s serial port driver should be robust enough to handle even the AiR protocol and the TTL means that a rally tine wire can connect the Pod and the VEX

~ Christopher

P.S. I think, after I finish what I am working on now that I will try this.](Serial Port - wikiPodLinux)

I just might try this… My iPod’s scren just cracked $( so i might just buy a new one, so i have a 40GB hard drive just sitting around! But i was also gonna try and install an OS on it (maybe linux) and try and make it a fully functinoal PC… But i would then need some additional ram…

would you need ram for VEX control?

There is a new version of the Palm controller. I added a function called WaitB that allows a wait to be interrupted by any of the bumpers. See the details here.



Good Job Swe9 the Palm works great with a couple of adjustments


I used to have an old supercomputer harddrive that my mom gave to me but I can’t find it now I wonder if that could be used to let the robot think for itself like AI

Glad you liked it. Were the “couple of adjustments” anything that should go back into my sources or documents?

controlling a robot with an ipod, palmpilot, or artificial intelligence on a supercomputer sounds like an :cool: awesome:cool: thing :frowning: but it always seems to be :frowning: expensive:( to convert different transmitting signals like the serial port and pwm signals for additional servo control
and im always short on cash and time

There’s a thread over at the MSRS forums also related to this, some guys are working (and already have some items working) on porting the Robotics Studio to work with VEX. They are also using the bluetooth adapter from Sparkfun.

Here’s the link if you are interested:

Hi All,

I was just looking at the instructions on HobbyVex and ran into a problem. PODS does not exist on the site mentioned any longer. I was wondering if anyone has a copy somewhere else that can be downloaded.


The Garnet OS is not Upwardly Compatible??

I actually found a video that showed someone playing games on lynux on an ipod