Pan Pacific VEX Robotics Championship 2012/13


Planning for the 5th Annual Pan Pacific VEX Robotics Championship is well under way.

The event will be moving back two and a half months (Fri 2/22 - Sun 2/24) for a number of reasons:

Difficulty in getting volunteers in a Thu-Sat format, especially just prior to the University of Hawaii’s finals week.
December dates always conflicted with SATs.
One less school day missed which also means one less day for teacher coaches to need a substitute.
Unavailability of the Hawaii Convention Center Fri-Sun during the usual December weekend (Honolulu Marathon moves in on Sunday).
More local events needing to spread out and perhaps utilize the December weekend.
Positioned between the FIRST build season and competition season (anticipated).
As the event has to move more towards self-sustainability, it allows more time to secure corporate support.
Moves Hawaii towards an end of season State Championship model as VEX continues to grow across the globe.

This is a three day event with inspections and qualification matches Friday afternoon and evening, qualification matches Saturday, and qualification and elimination matches Sunday. See the following site for more information:

Hopefully we’ll have teams from all around the Pacific Rim (and perhaps beyond) able to join us once again!

Should you have any questions, PM me or email


awesome! i had to miss my December sat last year :frowning: and now i won’t have too :slight_smile:

This is going to be hard for my team mainly because we only have about 3 people going for the Friday. So wish us luck that day.

wait a second what about teams that are not from hawaii? they still gotta take a day off because the last flights out to the west coast are around noon. they are most likely gonna end up staying another day and dont forget about China team’s flights as well. your Friday - Sunday idea sounds really bad.

So that means they could fly in Friday morning.

We haven’t.

Difficulty in getting volunteers in a Thu-Sat format, especially just prior to the University of Hawaii’s finals week.

It’s easy to just show up to an event and expect things to go your way. These large events (second only in size only to the World Championship) don’t just happen out of thin air - a lot of planning and preparation has to go into them. If you think volunteers are just beating down the doors to assist, I’m afraid you’re terribly mistaken. Volunteers are the backbone of an event and are more available Friday-Sunday rather than Thursday-Saturday so that is the primary determinant.

It will be very unfortunate if Hilo is unable to join us, but perhaps we’ll see you in future years.