Pancake Flipper Motors

Our team is working on a V5 lift, and we are a bit troubled with the number of motors we can use. We can only spare 1 motor for a lift, and we are planning on using a 6 bar. Will 1 V5 motor on only 1 side of the lift tower be enough to lift the whole thing? will it be symmetrical?

I attached a drawing to help explain.
V5 Lift.png

I would strongly suggest using a high-strength input shaft, if you’re gonna do that. Also maybe consider using the torque version for the internal motor gears. Very very high chance that it’ll be tilted either way, but I don’t know that much about 6-bar lifts.

We had a six bar lift powered by one high strength axle across the lift with one motor. Seemed to work fine without tilt, granted the sides of our lift were pretty close together.

Thanks, this should work for us. How would one go about powering High-strength shafts, since they can’t go through regular holes?

You would have to drill holes in the metal.

That’s probably why there are so many metal pieces with holes in them in our parts bins. Teams from other years doing that.

As said above, use high strength axles. Otherwise you’ll get some twisting and tilt. Make sure you have your final design before drilling anything. It’s kind of hard to reuse drilled pieces for other purposes. (But not impossible)

Make sure you strap the bars you’re powering to gears so that you don’t have to rely on a lock bar. They can easily strip out the metal and leave grooves.

I know that V5 is pretty powerful, but I would at least do a 1:7 or 1:5 torque gear ratio to help power the lift.

What about the red gearbox for the motor?

I haven’t tried it, but instinct tells me that with the weight of any substantial manipulator on the end of the lift, you’ll want a bit more torque

Thanks, that should help. We just qualified for state with a cortex bot, and now we have a few months to make a superb V5 bot for state. Being in middle school, and knowing the competition, With a launcher, high score-er, good auton (I got that covered), and strong chassis, I think we might be able to do good at state. I appreciate the help.