Papillion - La Vista VRC (Toss Up)

The Papillion - La Vista VRC Tournament happened today in Papillion, Nebraska. The competition standard was quite good, better than I expected. The event page with results is here:

Some awards/results:

Excellence Award: 5069A

Tournament Champions: 5069D, 8701, 5155C

Tournament Finalists: 5069C, 5069A, 3141V

Design Award: 8701

Think Award: 5155C

Energy Award: 3141

Sportsmanship Award: I don’t remember this one right this moment.

Highest match score by an alliance: 85, by 8701 and 5069D in QF 3-2.

Great job to all the teams involved. Looking forward to the Nebraska League and North in December.

No video, sorry. :slight_smile:

Pretty weird that there were only 3 qualification matches per team.

Just across the city of Omaha, we also had the BT competition today.

Robot Skills, Programming Skills, and Build Award went to 1064A, Design went to 1064P (my team :D), Excellence to 1028X, and i believe the winning alliance was 1970K, 1970A, and 1028C.

Yeah… it was a little difficult with only three but the overall was still a good representation.