Parents turning in notebooks

Recently observed a local IQ competition. I have some questions:

  1. Are parents allowed to turn in notebooks for their kids?
  2. Are you allowed to take back your notebook from inspection to make some changes, then turn it right back?

I’m not sure of any hard and fast rules, but I don’t see an issue with parents turning in the notebook. In our state, notebooks are turned in during registration and, frequently, it is an adult coach or parent that registers the team. I also don’t have a problem with a team taking back a notebook to make changes if it is before the deadline for collecting notebooks. So, for example, if the deadline for turning in ENs if 9am and a team wants theirs back at 830am, I wouldn’t have a problem with that. That being said, if it were my team, I would advise against it. There is not much you can do to your notebook that will make a difference between winning an award and not winning an award at that point. An EN is a season long endeavor - not something to be slapped together 30 minutes before it is due.


At the events I’ve been to, EN is turned in at the same table that teams are being checked in, releases are being collected, other administrative work is being done. An adult turning it in as they are doing everything else seems fine to me.


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