Parimeter Question

Ok another Newbie question. We finally secured a meeting room but we can not leave the field set up. So breakdown and setup at each meeting. How long does it take to breakdown and setup the Parimeter? I haven’t been able to look at one to see how hard it is to put together. Thank you

Depends on how well practiced you are but probably 10-15 minutes for the perimeter and a lot more for the field elements for this year. Still, you can leave the post brackets on the panels which will save a lot of time.

Depends on how small of chunks and how many people.
For 4/5 people
For just the perimeter into 4 walls, Two minutes. To break down into individual segments, 5 min. This is after field elements have been removed.

To break down field elements into individual sets (a set of flags, a pole with mounting hardware, etc, would take significantly longer. If you need to break down the flag sections, good luck.

The net will suck to take apart and set up.

Ok thank you. It will be about 4/5 kids and 1 coach.