Parking a broken robot

  1. If a part detaches from the robot during a match, and the robot parks on the ramp leaving the detached portion/part of the robot on the playing field at the end of the match, is the robot legally parked since a detached part is still touching the field floor?
  • If the answer to the above is yes (legal park)
  1. Same question as above but the detached part is still connected via a smart cable. Such as a motor or sensor falls off the robot but is still attached by a smart cable.
  1. Yes, this Robot would still be legally parked. We can use <R2> to give us a better understand of what needs to be on the Ramp at the end of match, in case of parts of the Robot being detached.

So if your parts of your Robot become detached, you’ll need to get make sure Subsystems 1 and 2 make it up onto the Ramp.

  1. If any part of the Robot that is attached to the Robot is touching the tiles at the end of the Match, the Robot would not be considered parked. Even if it is only connected via smart cable.