Parking at Worlds

I have some questions question for those that have attended the Worlds competition in the past. This is our team’s first year going, and we were wondering about parking costs. It is my understanding that one parking pass will be given per team, for those additional vehicles, the cost is $8 per entrance, per day. After checking with the facility, I was told this parking fee does not allow for leaving of lunch etc and returning without incurring an additional $8 fee. It looks like there are some facilities close by for a more affordable lunch option, how did your teams additional vehicles handle this?

I know that we cannot bring any of our own food/beverages into the facility, but how do they feel about just bringing water? It looks like about $3.50 per bottle of water, how did your team handle this?

Put food in our backpacks and walk in. It doesn’t get checked- too many people.

I was not aware of this last year, as I and a few other team mates went out for lunch and ran back in (not literally) with our food so we could eat before a match, so I doubt this is strictly enforced.

I would suggest asking in the official Q&A.

If anything, you guys could walk to nearby restaurants or eat from the places offered in the convention center :confused:

thanks for your answers!!