Parking in Skills

Can you get 2 points for parking in skills? Look at this video, and the robot got parking bonus in skills and we did the same thing during a qualifier competition and the referee didn’t give us any bonus point in skills.

The parking bonus definitely does exist in skills. Are you sure that your robot was parked before the timer was over? Maybe it slid to the parking tile after the timer ended.

It wouldn’t matter if they slid into the parking tile after the timer went off because the field should be scored after objects come to rest. So if they were driving when the timer went off but the robot was in the parking tile when it stopped moving then it is considered to be parked and should be awarded points.

Oh. I did not know that.

Yes. The parking bonus does give points. I have had one ref that did call that if you elected to end your run, you couldn’t get the parking bonus, and I understand where that comes from, but besides that, I don’t see why parking shouldn’t count.

No the robot didn’t slide but it was on the tile at the end of the run. Because of that we never parked the robot afterwards for skills. But thanks for the answer and I will let the referees know at regionals. Thanks :slight_smile: