Parking Platforms

I’m trying to think of a good design that can easily incorporate scoring mechanisms while still being able to easily park on higher platforms. Do you guys have any ideas for designs that could park on the platforms? The basic chassis doesn’t seem like it would work out well

I’ve been thinking about giving the bot a lift kit…in other words using pillow block bearings so the center of the wheel (4" omni) is beneath the chassis material. I guess you could also have vertical stilts extending down from where the wheels would normally be secured, so you can use normal bearings.

Or you could turn it into a Jeep and give it some proper suspension; get some flex like the CJ in the pic
F L E X.jpg

Or you could waste a motor and do this.

Giant wheels, drive straight onto the center platform. Check 1069(D?) in toss up worlds if you can find a video.


You weren’t kidding.

Does Vex still sell those wheel? XD

Some assembly required

I can’t believe someone actually did it