Parking scenario - clarification requested

Hello GDC -

The attached image shows a end-of-game parking scenario that I think is not exactly covered in the rule manual.

Per the definitions:

Referencing the attached image, let’s say as the end of match approaches, and Blue-1 is on the center platform, and their partner has followed up behind them and is on the blue platform. Red-1 is on the red platform and their partner is coming up behind them.

The anticipated shoving ensues, and when the buzzer rings, Blue-1 has been shoved backward so that its front wheels are on the platform, and its back wheels have been pushed back so that they are on top of Blue-2. From the image, it’s clear that if you removed Blue-2, then Blue-1 would fall backward and be touching the Blue platform, and hence NOT be center parked.

My question is, does its contact with the Blue-2 robot in this way disqualify it from the 6-point center-parking? According to the definition, Blue-1 would still be counted as center parked.

In a separate scenario, Blue-1 gets shoved off the side of the yellow platform, and its back wheel serendipitously lands on a cap that is on the ground next to the platform. Technically it also satisfies the definition of center parked because it is not touching the foam field tiles.

What gets scored in these types of scenarios?

In past game manuals, there were rules for when game pieces were stacked on top of each other – if you removed the supporting game piece, then the top game piece gets scored where it would fall to the ground. In this case, if you removed the supporting robot/game piece, the parked robot would then get scored to the lower parking level (or floor). Would that be the case this year too?


Blue 1 would be scored as on the center platform as it is not contacting the alliance platform or foam tile. Blue 2 would be scored on the alliance platform.

Note the conditions of scoring is contacted, e.g., touching. Had Blue 1 been contacting the alliance platform and the center platform, it would be scored on the alliance platform.

GDC will probably put an Official Q&A forum shortly - until then, I suspect you won’t have official answers :slight_smile:

How about if Blue 1 had been fully supported by blue 2? Would they get any points for that?