Parking supported by cap

Is it legal to park supported by a cap?

Yes as long as all other conditions are met. There is a Q&A on this.

This is how quite a few teams like to double high park in practice. If it works, it’s pretty cool to see.

If you are supported by a cap on any of the platforms. the the referee will remove the cap. If the robot stays on the platform, then that is counted as your points, but if your robot falls, then it doesn’t count. As long as all four wheels are off the ground and at least one is touching the platform it counts.

This is not how it was done at any of the competitions I went to. If a robot was supported by a cap, ball another another robot, they would leave it as is, and and if no part of the robot was touching the ground and part of it was touching the platform, it counted.


They should NOT remove game pieces to determine platform scoring.

That is an incorrect procedure.


@fantomexrobotics, i went to a lot of the same competitions as you guys, and they didn’t do this for any of the matches I played. Can you tell us which tournament in particular? Or maybe it was just the specific match that you played, and there was a special scenario in which they removed the cap.

Here is the link to the Q&A. Parking on cap

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