Could we get a clarification of the parking rule. Does the robot have to exit the start tile then return to get the parking bonus or is this stipulation only for the Robot Skills Challenge? Thank you.

From the manual at

There is never a mention of robots needing to leave the starting tile so I would assume that even a dead robot that can’t move would count for points (provided that it meant that you had more robots in your starting tile than the opposition did).

The Sack Attack manual say:

It also say:

• The Alliance with the most Robots Parked at the end of the match receives ten (10) points.
o If each Alliance has the same amount of Robots Parked, no points are awarded.
• At the end of the Autonomous Period the Alliance with the most points, excluding points for Parked
Robots, receives a ten (10) point bonus.

I have re-review the manual and I think you are right. The Robot Skills Challenge manual said:

Robot Skills Parked – A robot is considered to be Robot Skills Parked if it is touching one of its own Alliance
Starting Tiles at the end of the Match, and has left the Alliance Starting Tile during the Robot Skills Match.

The same goes for the Programming Skills Challenge manual. But in the rules for the regular match this is not specified.

Again I think you are correct. :slight_smile:

For an official answer, I believe you have to ask the question in the Official VRC Sack Attack Q&A.