Does parking on the center platform win autonomous assuming that’s the highest amount of point scored or is that just at the end of the match?

You can’t park on the center platform during autonomous for it violates the barrier that the auto line creates.

you can’t park on the center platform during autonomous

and here’s the rule book

You can however park on your coloured alliance platform during autonomous for a total of 3 points, which is greater than that of scoring a low flag.
Our middle school team does this in auton and with our 6pt auton it is almost unbeatable.
But crossing the field on auton isn’t allowed and this includes center parking.
Hope that helps.

@2158R_Arrash It’s not because it crosses the line, but rather just that it’s specifically forbidden:

@amitheonlygirlhere So yes, Center Parking does win Autonomous… for the opposing Alliance, as the penalty for violating <SG3> is the Autonomous Bonus being awarded to the opposing Alliance.

thanks guys i guess i need to read more into the rules. im glad i asked

How about if during autonomous your timing is a bit off and you park on your color platform, but your front wheels climb onto the center platform - so some wheels touch your color platform, some wheels touch the center (yellow) platform BUT you are not crossing the middle line. Is that a 3 pointer, a simply no parking points, or a violation and a loss of Autonomous Bonus?

Sorry for writing in an old thread.

If any part of the robot is touching the color (or the floor for that matter) it is scored as the part that is touching the lowest. For instance, if you have 2 wheels and most of your robot on high park, but two wheels are on the color park, it is scored for 3 points. Basically, you are scored for the lowest scoring part your robot is touching.

The rules say you may not become center parked during autonomous, looking at rules for center parked you would need to be on the center platform without touching the alliance platform and not contacting field tiles or white tape, so as long as you don’ fulfill the rulebook’s definition of center parked I think you’ll be fine if your front wheels overshoot onto the platform.