Parkour at Worlds

Hi guys,

I started freerunning and parkour last July and essentially do it at every possible opportunity–including at all of the robotics tournaments I’ve been to :open_mouth: luckily I’ve never been kicked out or asked to stop. When I’m at Worlds I plan on using some of the free time there to freerun around the convention center and I wanted to ask if any other Worlds engineer out there is down to freerun? I kinda suck but I still think it’s really fun and it would be amazing if I could do it with other people from around the world. As long as we don’t get kicked out of course :slight_smile:
EDIT: by convention center I mean outside the convention center so we don’t cause any safety hazards

And by outside the convention center you mean 10 blocks away so you are not annoying the people trying to get into the event?

And by safety hazards you mean that you’ll map out the hospital / urgent care center closest to where you are going?

And by hospital you mean a place that robeteers may end up so they should take their parents medical insurance cards?

And by parents you mean those angry adults that spent thousands in dollars and time to get their roboteers through local and State events to qualify and attend Worlds but now get to spend time in an urgent care center?

Just looking for some minor clarification…

What made you think that this would be a good idea?

@Karthik is busy at the moment so I’ll just say that you really shouldn’t do that. Thousands of people walking in and out carrying robots and parts around is not a good environment for sprinting around.

Keep in mind what @tabor473 said, and also remember, security officials at the event may not recognize you as a roboteer if they see you running and jumping around.

Well when you guys put it that way guess it’s a no… :frowning:

If you want to do parkour at worlds, you should go to downtown louisville in your free time. There are even shuttle buses from the convention center. Not exactly ideal but I agree that parkour around the convention center is probably not the best idea.

If you have free time at worlds use it to practice, scout, fix the robot, look at other robots, visit the sponsor booths, look at some VEX IQ & U, and meet the other teams from all around the world. And once you’re done with that, sleep. I’m sure there are many other times in the year when you can run around, during worlds is not a good one.