I know there was a conversation a while back about parkour at Worlds. Did that ever happen and should I do parkour at Worlds?

Just curious, what is “parkour at worlds”?

What else could it be?

I know what parkour is and stuff, I just didn’t think someone would actually be doing parkour at worlds so I thought it was just another name for an actual thing.
Anyways I found the thread you were referring to:
And it looks like everyone advised against it, so probably not a good idea

Of all threads, THIS was the topic to revive? As everyone advised - don’t do it. That’s not what worlds is for.

Unless u make a bot that diss parkour

You’ve gotta parkour on the fields during the final matches

With your bot in sync on the next field

Most people (by most, I mean everyone that made a comment on the post) thought it was a bad idea. I think it would be fine, so long as it was not done in the convention center or around where there are crowds of people going in and out.

Possibly in the evening after things shut down, you could do it downtown. It is great exercise.