Part 228-3201-132 role of semicircular cutout

For Part 228-3201-132 I have found two different pieces that have 132 embossed in plastic but one has a semicircular cutout and the other one does not?
I would imagine the semicircle has a role.
Any help would be so appreciated for we are building Allie the alligator which indicates we need the 132 piece (4 of them) with the semicircular cutout and we only have two with the circular cutout. Perhaps in some cases they are interchangeable?
Kind Regards, Mary

You mean in the base where the two pins go into a plate or beam? This is so the middle hole in the plate or beam is still accessable.

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Thank you so very much, makes sense and will share with the Tech turtles team.

Hey, so initial IQ person here. The very first sets of IQ parts did not have the indent, second iterations do. The older ones are a treasure because they can cover the flat axle ends on a build.

Happy to send you some with the cutout. Google me at STEMRobotics for an email address.


Thank you kindly, will contact you via Stem Robotics.
So appreciate your help and the Vex forum site for posting questions and solutions. This is awesome!!!