Part Names and Part Numbers for CAD

I notice that the VEX IQ All Parts 2022-10-17 has changed the approach to the order of files. Previous All Parts files listed the parts by part number and part number order whereas the latest file is by Part Name with part number following.

I suggest that this is a hotly debated topic between engineers, manufacturing types, logistics people and the user community - where the user community has the biggest challenge to grasp the nuances of part naming, part identity and usage.

My industry experience and some history of VEX IQ suggests that leading with the part number is a better approach. For example, the 228-2500-220 connector has gone through a number of name changes, but the part number has remained the same. It started out as the Worm Gear Bracket and over a number of iterations is now Double 2x Wide, 2x2 Corner Connector.

Anyone want to weigh in?

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As a VEX heavyweight :roll_eyes: happy to weigh in. I think the corner connector name is better. It fits in the line of the other ~50 different corner connectors. Marking it as worm gear bracket seems to make it a special part when in fact you can use some of the other corner connectors as the worm gear bracket like the Triple 2x Wide, 2x2 Corner Connector.

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The new name is not an issue for me.

In a configuration management context, the physical thing is prime. In other words, what we call it can change but what is made does not.

So when we look up parts, we would look up a part by part number (1st sort) and part name (2nd sort). .

I suspect, VEX is responding to our user community with this change. i.e. a part number is unintelligible to a user because it does not ‘describe’ the part.

I think you are talking about this document

The document seems to be sorted in part number order (near as I can tell with spot checks). So if I was doing CAD the part number would fall in the same location in a parts lookup. Is your issue that the name changed so you now have a Worm Gear Bracket in an older CAD and a corner connector in a newer part set?

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