Part Sales at CREATE US Open

Does anyone know if new, official, vex parts will be available for sale at the CREATE US Open? I recall that, at the World Championship, there was a small vex parts store. Will there be anything similar at the CREATE US Open?

The past few years there hasnt been a store, so i would assume no, but i could be wrong.

T-shirt shop count? XD

Can you put a shirt on your robot? Also do you count a shirt as a part?

I should do that haha

Oddly enough, this is specifically covered in the game manual. (It does not count as a part, unfortunately)

I knew that…:slight_smile:

[quote=“ThunderRobotics, post:7, topic:33872”]

I knew that…:slight_smile:

I always assume people are serious. Worst case scenario, I look dumb. I already am dumb, so it can’t be much worse.