Part Sorting

Hey all,

What do you guys recommend to use to sort out small parts such as screws or axles? Mainly looking for reliable toolboxes.

Links would also help!

This is a nice toolbox that you could use:

For screws we just fishing tackle boxes from Walmart and they work great.

We use thisbox for each team

It is very helpful as you can adjust how big you want each slot and they lock very well! Hope that helps

Personally, we have three different boxes that have different compartments. For one box we have all of the screws, nuts, collars, and other small things. The other box is reserved for mechanics like gears, sprockets, chain, latex tubing, and bands. The last box is much larger and has all of our aluminum that is divided by full channels and cut channels with custom dividers made from cardboard. (It’s a bit crude, but its fairly effective in my opinion.) I hope this helps :slight_smile:

Currently, we just store everything in many parts bins in the shop. We don’t have any formal portable solution yet.

A super cheap alternative to boxes is to use ZipLoc bags. They are see-through, hold up to screws fairly well, and you can cram a whole bunch of bags holding different screw sizes, types of parts, etc. into a single box.