Participation certificates?

Does anyone have a certificate template for VEX and VEX IQ that they would like to share? I would like to provide participation certificates to my teams. You can email me at Thanks in advance!

Do a google search for certificate templates. It is amazing what you will find there.

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Tournament Manager can generate participation certificates for teams.


RECF has them on their website. They used to be here:

Here is one you can m,modify any way you want to say participants, etc…

I also need a template for vex edr and IQ participation certificates. I can’t find them anywhere.

Please share if you have a template

Driver’s License
Editable Form
Edit: they have 2007 birthdate? Can be edited via Photoshop…
Some ideas here:

I made some for elementary students… Kinda whimsical.

The Tournament Manager software used for running events will produce these for you. It’s in the same menu and the schedules/team lists etc.