Partner controller issues

Hi, I have been using the partner controller for quite some time now with no issues. However, a couple of days ago the partner controller seems to not be working. When I connect my main controller to my Cortex without the partner controller plugged in, all the lights are green on the main controller. But when I plug in my partner controller, All the lights on the main controller turn off but the VexNet one, which blinks red twice every so often. Not only that, but the subsystems that are linked to the partner controller have no response. Both the main and partner controller have fully charged batteries, and the partner controller’s lights are all green. I have tried troubleshooting and updating, but nothing works. What should I do?


This usually happens when the coiled cable is connected into the “MCU” port of the Partner Joystick, rather than the partner port. If this fails to fix the problem, then please contact