Partner Controller (V4 Cortex) paired to V5 Controller

At an Tower Takeover competition this year, we saw a team using two V5 controllers. One as the hub, the other as a partner. Our team doesn’t have the biggest of budgets as we barely have enough to get a field and the game parts for next year. We have a partner controller system in the V4 Cortex controllers. I was wondering if I could use a partner controller system where the main controller is V5 and the partner as V4 Cortex. The IO allows this on the controllers, I was wondering if the rules allow this for competition.

Check the game manual as this does not sound legal because of the mix of systems.

Nope! Game manual R20-C

R20> One or two controllers per Robot. No more than two (2) VEX wireless remotes may control a single Robot during the tournament. a. No modification of these transmitters is allowed of ANY kind. b. No other methods of controlling the Robot (light, sound, etc) are permissible. 1. Using sensor feedback to augment driver control (such as motor encoders or the Vision Sensor) is acceptable. c. Teams may not “mix-and-match” wireless remote types, such as using a VEXnet Joystick and V5 Wireless Controller at the same time.


So it is not legal 20 charactors

and will not work anyway, it may even cause damage.


I’m just going to ask, why would you want to have 2 controllers this year. It seems it may do more harm then good

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maybe theyre not using the meta bot…

I don’t see anything super wrong with using a partner controller, since tilter, intake, and arm are 3 different subsystems that are probably best used with the bumper buttons.

The driver insists on using tank controls and I was thinking of using the partner controller joysticks on pushing the ramp forward more slowly to control how the blocks stack more consistently. We can stack 5 or 6 cubes and that would help on how the top blocks stack, and not send them off the side.

We were using a stacker bot with a ramp intake, and wanted the other controller stick to move the ramp forward at more of a controlled speed than the speed we set it at.

The girls have done this in the past. Make one of the buttons on the controller a slowdown button. For actions taht you wish to have a slow mode, have a global variable float slow = 0.5 (or whatever you wish). In your code, if the button is pressed, use that as a scaling multiplier for your motor speed.

Some teams like the ability to have one person focus on getting the robot where it needs to go and another person focus on operating the other systems. It does take a lot of communication between the two. But whether it does more harm than good is strictly a matter of personal preference.

I understand that, thats what happened in ITZ. My issue with it is the coordination that having 2 drivers requires can be hard to obtain, especially at this point in the year, and I think just having one person drive it makes it far easier.

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