partner joystick

When downloading our configuration our partner joystick link light flashes red. When finished downloading the screen displays “channel 3 out of range”. Our first channel used on the partner joystick is channel 3 for our code. The master code for our main joystick is 4.1. Does the partner joystick come in at 3.23?

Is your firmware up to date with the current Vex standards?



What should it be at and how do we check what it currently is?

Is this a normal joystick (i.e. full functionality, $150) being used as a partner joystick, or the simplified partner ($30) joystick?

In either case, the firmware version really doesn’t matter, the $30 version cannot even be updated, however it’s a good idea to get everything updated to the same version if you can.

Are you using EasyC? What version? It sounds more like a programming error, perhaps post the code.

The partner joystick is the $30 one. We are using EasyC.