partner joystick

When downloading our configuration our partner joystick link light flashes red. When finished downloading the screen displays “channel 3 out of range”. Our first channel used on the partner joystick is channel 3 for our code. The master code for our main joystick is 4.1. Does the partner joystick come in at 3.23?

This sounds like a calibration issue, not a firmware issue. Try calibrating your joysticks following the instructions in this document -

Let me know if this doesn’t work,


We calibrated the joystick and it works, but we are unable to use the analog channels 1-4 if we are using them on the master joystick. We would like to have the ability to control the speed of our arms and intake conveyor with the joystick. Our wheels are controlled by the master joystick on channels 1-4.

This sounds like a software problem somewhere. Use the VEXnet update utility to update the firmware in your controllers. If this doesn’t fix your problem, it is most likely your software. If this is the case, post a copy of your code here.


Our partner joystick works except for channel 1-4. When downloading we still get an out of range error. Here is our code.

#include “Mian.h”

Void OperatorControl ( unsigned long ulTime )
Int Ch6_Up_Pressed;
Int Ch6_Down_Pressed;
Int Ch5_Up_Pressed = -127;
Int Ch5_Down_Pressed = 30;

// easyC Default Code Version 2.0
While ( 1 ) // Loop Forever
MyPrintToScreen (“easyC Deffault Code Version 2.0”.1000);//Print Message at 1000 msec
If (GetDigitalInput (12) ==0)//Check for Jumpers in Input 12 / Set Arcade Mode
Holonomic (;//drive wheels
JoystickDigitalToMotor (;//Left arm motor A
JoystickDigitalToMotor (;//Left arm motor B
JoystickDigitalToMotor (;//Right arm motor A
JoystickDigitalToMotor (;//Right arm motor B
JoystickDigitalToMotor (2.5.1.-;//intake motor
JoystickDigitalToMotor (2.5.1.-;//claw
SetJoystickAnalogDeadband (;//dead band channel 1
SetJoystickAnalogDeadband (;//dead band channel 2

It is normal for the 276-1891 Partner Joystick Link light to flash red when the code is being downloaded to the Cortex through the 276-2192 Joystick Program Port.

I recommend using the VEXnet Upgrade Utility in easyC (Tools / Upgrade VEXnet Firmware) to update the 276-2192 Joystick and 276-2194 Cortex. easyC V4 for Cortex version will install Master Code 4.23 into the 276-2192 Joystick and 276-2194 Cortex. The 276-1891 Partner Joystick is not updatable by the user.

Use the “Joystick To Motor” command to have analog control of motors from the Partner Joystick. JoystickToMotor ( 2 , 3 , 4 , 0 ) uses Joystick 2, Channel 3 to control Motor 4 without motor reversal.

If you still have issues, I suggest zipping the easyC project and sending it to . Reference in the e-mail.

The programming changes worked. Thank you.