Partner Yourself

I have a dilemma. My robot cortex controls 6 functions. (drivetrain left, drivetrain right, mogo intake, scissor lift, 4 bar, and rollers) If I want to do any more than 4 functions, I must use the buttons at the top, which means taking my hands off of the drivetrain controls. I don’t want to do that. Besides using Antichamber’s way, is there a way to accomplish this? And then I had an idea. Would it be legal to have myself as a partner? Hear me out. If I had one joystick face up, and one face down underneath it, and connected them with the partner cable, I would have access to the 2 joysticks and four other functions. (because the triggers at the front) Is this legal? Do you guys have any other ideas?

I don’t know why you would not have access to enough functions. You should be able to quickly move from 1 button to another. If you can’t do that then you could always make a single function for stacking: lift up the scissor and the 4-bar and then extake.

And remember, there’s always arcade :wink:

To answer this questions, I don’t see why there would be any issues at all, as long as you used only legal vex parts to join the controllers together (for example, some 1x bar bent into a bracket and attached to the threaded inserts on the back of the controller). I would not duct-tape or glue them together, or use a 3d printed part, etc. There are no particular requirements about having, or not having, a partner who holds a partner joystick.

use presets, example
press one of the buttons and it automatically lifts the scissor lift then the four bar and then releases the cone from the roller intake, and comes back to an intake position to intake another cone .

I totally see what you’re getting at, but I’d rather not use presets (other than for simple tasks e.g. raising a 4-bar for 1 second).

Arcade control frees up quite a bit, at least it did for me considering I freed up two buttons that were originally a lift.