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Our team is doing V5 for the first time and we are constantly running into parts shortages, for eg: 2" flex wheels. In previous years, we used to have a VEX reseller in Seattle area and we can drive and get the parts. Now the only option is ordering online through vex robotics. Some of the key parts are not even available on the website. Is there a way to track the parts availability easily other than logging into the site frequently?


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have you tried using other sites like ?

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The short answer is no, there is no way to track vex part supply. It should be noted that their estimates for availability have been optimistic in nearly every case in the past.

For flex wheels there is another source, but they are also backordered: Straight Flex Wheels – WestCoast Products AND they make the wheels and hubs, but not the adaptors to fit to vex axles and spacing. You will need to invent your own adaptor (or search here for several options.)

There has been a wholesale jump to these wheels as the only valid intake option, even though rubber bands and sprockets still work. Shrug.


If there’s a part that you need that’s currently out of stock, you can sign up to be notified when it becomes available again. Just click on this button on its respective product page.


I’ve been informed that west coast does carry 1/4" square bore adaptors… currently on backorder. Adapters – WestCoast Products


While I love Robosource and suggest it for everything they stock, that is not really a useful answer to this question. When OP was talking about flex and other “key parts” they likely meant wheels, motors etc that are all backordered. Not screws or tools which are in stock.


Thanks DRow. I will start using the Notify feature and see how it goes.

Thanks DougMoyers. I have tried west coast products and got some bigger flex wheels. When I spoke to West Coast Products customer service, they said for some parts they rely of VEX to ship it to them. WestCoast Products is geared towards VEX PRO parts. They do carry some V5 parts.

Thanks. I did stumbled upon robotsource while searching for VEX products.

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