Parts Dimensions


Does anyone know where i can find the dimension of the parts ? at least the main structure parts like plates and beams.


There are STEP files for all the parts published if you really want the exact measurements.
But in general, all the sizes are matched to 1/4" grid. All the beams are a little thinner that 1/4", but when connected by a pin, they have exactly 1/4" center-to-center distance.
The mounting holes are matching 1/2" grid exactly and thus the 2x beams are (almost) 1" wide, while 1x are 1/2".
The thickness of the section with connecting holes is reduced to fit the pin collars, while all the mounting hardware accounts for this - standoffs (little longer body), connectors (collar on the pin-like section). Everything else is made to fit - gear hubs are exactly 1/4" thick so you’d need washers if they should fit tightly between 2 on-grid beams.

Hi Mohammed,

The 3D Printing information page on our website has basic dimensions and information on how to make custom 3D printable parts interface with VEX IQ elements. As noted above, the STEP files for all VEX IQ elements also can be measured for basic dimensions of existing parts.


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Thank you for your reply, i just need to know the length of different beams and plates like for example how much is the 12 x beam.

Each hole is 1/2 inch. So a beam with 12 holes is 6 inches.

Can I use Vex EDR gears in building Vex IQ robot? My Vex IQ gears wore out and I don’t have much time to order the spares and replace. Appreciate an official response.

You can not use EDR gears (or other parts) in a VEX IQ official competition.