Parts for Hero bot-Striker

The kids started Striker yesterday. Today, they inform me they don’t have enough 1x2x1x25s to keep going. I bought the competition super kit, this bot is supposed to be buildable with the starter kit. I was baffled. I looked at the parts lists, and sure enough, the super kit only has 2 of these c-channels. The starter kit has 4. But! I have 24 1x2x1x35s. Am I correct in thinking the right move here is to cut a couple of the 35s down? 24 seems like a lot. It would have to be an impressive bot to use that many.

Yes, cutting down full length (35 holes) down to your desired length is the right step, and is also usable for many years down the line.

Apologies -

This thread reminded me that we totally failed to get the instructions for building the VRC Hero Bot out of the Super Kit uploaded. We have instructions for this finished, so be on the lookout for an update to the website to feature a link to these instructions, as well.



Any update on this? We’ve now found that Striker requires one of the 2.75" wheels. These are not in the Super kit.
I find it a bit disappointing and frustrating that the basic Competition Kit has parts in it that the Super Kit does not.

Perhaps VEX is/was thinking that a team which buys a “competition super kit” would be more advanced, and not interested in building the pre-designed season trainers; while a novice team which gets the “starter kit” would typically begin their season building the trainer.

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The super kit has lots of good parts and is a better value overall, so it’s not uncommon for brand-new teams to buy that kit if it’s within their budget. It’s also the kit we include in our equipment grant for schools starting new teams in WV.

I think it makes a lot of sense for (at least some of) those teams to start by building the hero bot, then use what they learned to modify or build another bot with the “more advanced” parts in the super kit. So I think being able to build a hero bot from the super kit is a very desirable feature.

Since the hero bots were introduced in 2018, Spin Up was the first game without either (1) a separate hero bot buildable from the super kit, or (2) a single hero bot designed to be built from the starter kit, but which could be built from the super kit with just minor modifications, such as cutting a few pieces to length.

As such, I was very happy to hear that Striker was designed with both kits in mind and I look forward to the super kit instructions being posted.


Any chance that the Striker instructions will be available in PDF form? My team members are having trouble using the 3D animated build instructions on their school Chromebooks. (Today the instructions wouldn’t even load; last week they loaded but crashed a lot.)

Thank you.

I would amplify not a fan of interactive build instructions for Event Partners for competition field builds - and PDF of 200+ steps is not a solution either. It does not not scale when building 12+ events …

Frankly, I welcome IKEA style build PDF of the past …

Don’t get me wrong, happy to try new things, but transition rough without warning.


I’d love both. Official pdf (not screenshots) for phones and Chromebooks but interactive build instructions for easier assembly on more powerful devices.