Parts for Lining Up

During the competition, am I allowed to use an object I rigged-up to line up our robot in place? The one I want to use, for example, lines the robot up exactly 2.5 inches away from the wall by using a couple of parts. It will not be used during the game.

I can’t find the Q&A but I am pretty sure this was ruled as legal.
**Edit: found the Q&A, it is legal:

I know that they used to let you and I don’t know why it shouldn’t.

This is normally legal. The only exception would be if it took too long to align and delayed a match.

There is nothing new in the rules this year that would make that illegal and it has always been allowed in prior years per the Q&A. I think that in order for that to not be allowed the GDC would have to say that they were in error all previous years. I am confident you will be OK.

I many previous years, alignment jigs were illegal. Like you, I would assume that if it was legal last year, it’s legal this year, and then I would go check the rules. These things do change over time.

you could possibly make some sort of alignment tool from legal vex parts which is permanently attached to your robot and folds into the robot after being used.

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