Parts for sale!!!!

Hey all. I’ve got a whole lot of parts that I (unfortunately) will be unable to take to college this coming fall. So as of now, all said parts are for sale! I’ve got almost all parts that were released prior to the quadrature encoders debut a few months ago. I’m open to offers for all parts, however should I not be able to sell them here or not get a good enough offer I will be posting them on eBay within a week or two. E-mail me at if you have any questions or want to make an offer.

Parts available (as of writing this):
rangefinders x2
Microcontrollers, receivers, and radios x2 (non-default code loaded though)
Advanced gear packs x2 or 3 (I forget exactly, but one is unopened)
Encoders x4 (I think)
Lots of motors, servos, replacement gears, etc.
Lots of metal parts, but no aluminum. Most metal is intact and uncut
Several linear sliders
Lots of chain and tank tread (no tread add-on parts though)
Small omni wheels x4
Several crystal frequencies
Lots more!

Hey, is your vex stuff sold?

It’s all been gone for well over a year. Sorry.