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We had a vex team back in middle school (2148E) and bought a kit with some add-ons to prototype from home. Only one piece of C channel ever got cut (seriously), so the kit is like new condition at a heavy discount. Its not V5 but y’all probly know if you can still trade it in for V5 or not. Details on the add on kits and extras are in the craigslist link

The price is $500, with an original buy price of over &1,700.

*We are in the Dallas area

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I’m not interested in the whole kit but can u post or send a pic of the Omni wheels? I might be interested in buying.

Are the spacers you have the white nylon variety? Wouldn’t hurt to pick up some more.

Do you have a list of all parts available?

Posting some pictures may help so people can visualize what’s available

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I think we have some nylon and some black spacers


Starter Kit with Controller 228-3060*
Booster Kit 276-2232*
Classroom & Competition Super Kit 276-3000*
Aluminum C-Channel 1x3x1x35 (6-pack) 276-4359
High Strength Sprocket 6 Tooth (8-Pack) 276-3876
High Strength Sprocket 18 Tooth (4-Pack) 276-3878
Tool Kit 276-1382
Screw 6-32 x 0.500" Silver (50-pack) 275-1169
Screw 8-32 x 0.375" (100-pack) 275-1003
Screw 8-32 x 0.500" (100-pack) 275-1004
Aluminum C-Channel 1x2x1x35 (6-pack) 276-2289

if you need more details let me know!

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How much are the C-Channels?

not including the starter kit, booster kit, or classroom comp kit, the C-channel cost us ~$73 for the 6 packs of 1x3 and 1x2 c channel. However we want to sell everything we have in one for $500

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is Starter Kit with Controller 228-3060 for VEX IQ?

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